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We have quite a collection of testimonials, below you will find a few samples. If you would like to be featured here then contact us and let us know how we have helped you achieve better health.

As a practicing chiropractor, I am always looking for ways in which patients can help themselves with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Because a high percentage of these problems are very often caused by years of dysfunctional muscle patterns, many people are helped by trigger point therapy. As helpful as trigger point therapy is (when administered by a competent professional) by their very nature trigger points are chronic and difficult to eliminate because they require constant attention and treatment. Fortunately, the design of the Pressure Point, a self treatment instrument, can be exceedingly helpful in finding, treating, and in some cases eliminating these re-occurring muscle patterns.

Several of my patients have been using the Pressure Point with very positive results, I do not hesitate to recommend the Pressure Point to anyone suffering from acute or chronic neck pain, back pain or myofascial pain syndromes.

Dr. Robert J. Brodeur

I was suffering from insomnia and occasional headaches for many years, as the result of a neck injury. I felt so tired and weary, nearly all the time. I no manipulate several trigger points on my ankles and neck for headaches as well as some upper-back streching exercises for insomnia. After starting Pressure Point therapy with your device, I have been sleeping uniterrupted and soundly through the night for the first time in fifteen years.

You have been a godsend! Thank You!

High School Teacher

I had limited mobility in my neck with severe arthritic neck pain that radiated down my shoulders into my arms as well as up into my head. After my first accupressure session with your Pressure Point, I not only felt less discomfort but also greater flexibility in my neck. For the first time in years, I was able to move my head freely without pain. After several weeks I discovered that I could help myself using the points underneath the base of my skull to relieve both my neck pain and stiffness. Now I know that whenever the pain "creeps up" on me, i practive self-accupressure.

Thank you Pressure Point!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot begin to tell you the difference the Pressure Point made in my life! As a professional figure skater, my muscles take a beating. Sometimes I'm on the ice up to seven hours a day. Pressure Point makes it easy to stretch and work out the sore spots at the end of the day. The best part is I can do it myself and it fits nicely in the sports bag.

Now I just have to make sure it stays in my bag, as all my friends love it too! Thanks!

Carla Krause-Clark
National and International Figure Skating Medalist

My husband and I were fortunate to each receive a Pressure Point as a Christmas gift a few weeks ago. Mine hangs right on the edge of my computer - as a writer I spend many hours in front of my computer screen and at my adjacent desk - those muscles between the shoulders tense up (especially at deadline time!). My husband's Pressure Point stays right by his recliner in the living room, he uses it on his back while relaxing in front of the television to ease out the stress of the work day in his back.

A wonderful personal or business gift idea! Great future potential for this product.

Denise Daubert
Denise Daubert Freelance Advertising Services, Ardrossan
Freelance Writer

In my profession of hairstyling, I often develop extremely tense muscles in my neck and back. I do exercises regularly and have various kinds of back care (for example, chiropractic visits, physiotherapy and acupuncture). All of these treatments, along with the exercise, contribute to my neck and back health. However, I still experience localized knots or "pressure points" that cause me considerable discomfort.

I was introduced to the therapeutic Pressure Point tool through a friend and I was impressed immediately with the effects it had on my tense spots throughout my neck and back region. I purchased one immediately and now carry them in my salon as a retail product to my clientele. I especially like that I can give myself at-home and at-work therapy which saves me money and time, not to mention the relief I feel after a treatment.

I continue to see my chiropractor and acupuncturist but I find that my adjustments are more successful due to the release of tension that I can achieve with my Pressure Point.

Sheila Dunphy

My sales job causes me to spend hours "on the road" every week, sitting in virtually one position while navigating highways and unfamiliar cities and towns. By the time I check into yet another hotel to find yet another too soft, too hard or just plain uncomfortable mattress, my shoulders and back sometimes feel as if they're on fire. I'm not sure I can even face the idea of now hunching over my laptop computer to complete a day's worth of sales and expense reports, that's when I reach into my suitcase for the quick, relief and attitude adjustment with the help of Pressure Point.

After just minutes of applying pressure to my aching shoulders and back, I feel refreshed, loosened up and ready to tackle the next project.

Thanks Pressure Point!

Ryker Stoehr

I spend many hours per day sitting on a chair or stool working on my clients, helping them to feel better by accentuating their natural beauty. At the end of a long day, I experience many aches and pains. In just minutes with the aid of Pressure Point, these aches and pains seem to disappear.

I can't imagine not having this handy device by my side.

Thanks Pressure Point!

Shirlee Hubler
Mother of Three

We would love to hear about your sucesses with the Pressure Point. So send us your story and if we choose to use it on our website we will send you a free gift.

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